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Advanced Body Sugaring

Advanced Body Sugaring
Sugaring is an all-natural paste containing no harsh chemicals like those found in waxes or other salon/store products. Sugaring is the most gentle, natural, and longest-lasting treatment available to eliminate unwanted hair from all areas of the body, while improving skin texture and appearance.

Sugaring is suitable for men, woman, and teens with all skin types, hair textures, and skin sensitivities. At SugaringSmithers we use only all natural and biodegradable ingredients and our sugaring technique exfoliates the skin and removes hair in it’s natural direction. This eliminates breakage, in-grown hairs and skin irritation.

The difference in the skins look and feel is evident after even your first treatment. With sugaring you truly receive the longer lasting. With each treatment your results last longer and longer, leading to permanency.
You may have heard sugaring described as “the new smooth” in hair removal. Sugaring is growing all over the world these days however it’s actually an ancient hair removal and skin rejuvenation practice that originated back in the time of Cleopatra.

Experience the natural smoothness Body Sugaring offers and feel the difference for yourself!

Certified Body Sugaring Practitioners.
Trained by Alexandria Professional West.

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