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BC NDP Facebook ‘House Rules’

Thank you for joining the BC NDP Facebook page.
We want your experience here to be positive and meaningful, so we put together a few rules for the page.

We believe in a free exchange of opinions. We only remove comments that contain vulgarity, racial or hateful comments, personal attacks an individual, third-party solicitation, or go against Facebook's terms and conditions. Treating each other with dignity and respect is part of our values as New Democrats, and we believe you would like to be treated the same way. We're an inclusive political party, and want to operate the same way on this page.

Keep it real
Your experience here should be like your experience at any party convention, meeting, or rally. You don't disguise yourself there, so please don't here. Posts from fake accounts or fake profiles as well as repeat posts will probably be removed, and we may even block you completely from posting on this page.

Consumer relations
We have a staff team who are dedicated to help you with specific concerns, issues or questions. If we believe our team could better assist you, we will contact you for more information and share it with our team for follow up. If you'd rather contact them directly, you can through our website at http://www.bcndp.ca/contact.

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