North Atlantic Outfitters, (709) 884- 7355, School, Twillingate

Duck Hunting In Newfoundland

North Atlantic Outfitters are pleased to offer a totally unique sea duck and thick billed Murre (turr) hunting experience. The hunt takes place off the Northeast coast of Newfoundland in the wide open North Atlantic Ocean. Each year these migrating birds fly south along our coast from high in the Artic.
You will have the opportunity to hunt Eider ducks and Long-tailed ducks. The eiders come in two types, the common Eider and the beautiful king Eiders. For resident of Newfoundland & Labrador (only) the exciting Murre (Turr) hunt.
You would be Provided a license Guide with 25 years experience hunting in the North Atlantic. This hunt would be a moderate to extreme hunt.
We use two methods for hunting Eider and Long-Tailed ducks. Open boat blinds and shore based hunts. For Murres (Turrs) it is all open ocean hunting.
Because of Twillingate's ideal location , hunters get the perfect opportunity to have a unique and successful hunting experience.

Twillingate is only 1 hr. 15 min. from the Gander airport which is serviced by most major airlines. All safety gear is provided, but you must provide your own firearms, and ammunition.

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