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Adley's Eats offers fresh, hot meals made from scatch on a daily basis. Convenience is important to us so you can drop in, call ahead or order online.

We are a family whose roots have been deeply planted in this province for generations. Like everybody else, we have changed over the years. We don’t have as much time as we used to but we still want to eat food “like Nan made”. That’s what Adley’s is all about – to provide you with quality home-cooked meals at a reasonable price. Sound good? Let us do all the work.

Who exactly is We?
Paul (son – entrepreneur) and Barbara (mother/grandmother – dietitian) are the core of the business.

Paul: “ I studied business at Memorial. As a student I co-owned a small lawn-care business and after graduation managed a large local enterprise, part of which was food service. Knowing how important good food was to me growing up, and remembering Mom’s common complaint “With four kids and a job, I need a cook” I had an idea – Adley’s. Why don’t we get Mom’s recipes together (well used and many inspired by previous generations), add a few of the favourites which I’ve gathered myself over the years, and prepare them on a larger scale for the benefit of everybody. We’ll provide others with
• good tasty home-cooked meals and
• convenience (the cook that Mom always wanted).”

Barbara: “ I am a wife, mother (to Paul, his brother and two sisters) and a grandmother (to a growing number of angels). I trained as a professional dietitian and have worked in the field of food/nutrition/dietetics for over 25 years. My experience in this field has shown me how important it is to so many people and this is partly why Paul was able to convince me that Adley’s was such a great idea. My memories of stressing out in a kitchen to prepare a ‘decent’ meal for four growing children after a long day’s work is what really convinced me to ‘buy into’ the idea. Adley’s would be helping to fill that need which I lived with for so many years, and am still living. Grandmothers like to sit back and enjoy a good home-cooked meal prepared by somebody else too. We’ve earned it!

Why ‘Adley’s’?
This name represents the future of our growing family. It sounds friendly, welcoming and is based upon the names of the first members of the next generation – Adelaide and Alexander – the first two of our ever growing number of angels.

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St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador
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