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This Facebook page is for the promotion of Reborn Doll Kits, Eyes, Rooting Needles, Mohair, Human Hair, and many more Reborning tools and accessories. You can either buy our products on our website or in our Reborn Ebay store at the following link:

You can also purchase the accessories needed also in our Reborn Ebay store at the following link:

We presently provide Reborn Dolls Kits of the following artists:

Linde Scherer
Elly Knoops
Margaret Mousa
Tamie Williams
Cathy Rowland
Sigrun Heck
Annette Mores
Dorothea Petzold
Martina Swat
Frank Strebelow
Monika Ratzka
Elisa Marx
Christa Rogotzki

Reborn dolls are created by people who spend hours turning a kit (Head, Arms & Legs) along with many other accessories into a lifelike looking baby doll. Long hours, talent, skillful techniques and tender loving care go into these beautiful little creations.

In the early 1990’s Reborning became very popular and has gained in popularity ever since all around the globe. Many have started collecting, setting up nurseries as well as adoption nurseries for these lifelike creations.

The talent of many of the Reborn artists is as good as it gets; with dolls which replicate the look and feel of real babies even down to skin tones, eyes, fingernails as well as sizes and weights of real babies.

If you are unfamiliar with Reborning baby dolls, you are not alone but there is plenty of information on them available everywhere on the internet.

As this hobby/business continues to grow, with those who are making these dolls the techniques are getting more and more refined as new features, and supplies come out. There are now suppliers supplying simulators & recording devices that mimic a baby breathing, a babies heart beating, crying, giggling just like a real baby. These have been found to be a great comfort to grieving mothers who have recently lost their baby and also to Alzheimer’s patients and have and are being used to help keep them calm. Reborn dolls are also being used in teaching classes the world over.

On this site you will be able to purchase Reborn Kits, German Made Real Glass Blown Eyes (in sizes ranging from 18mm to 24mm in a variety of colors), Rooting Needles, Mohair, and much more as we add more and more supplies to our product line-up. Currently you can find these products in our Ebay store.

We look forward to your visiting us; as well as allowing us to serve you and your Reborning needs. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Thank you and good shopping.

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