Terror In The Glades, 506-503-2600, Haunted House, Petitcodiac

The Ultimate Halloween Experience

One of the most creative and unique haunted attractions in Atlantic Canada. Now located near the Petty Raceway in Riverglade NB. Just take exit 239 off Highway 1.

Focusing on quality, we are committed to giving the customer the ultimate Halloween experience at an affordable price.

The haunt is changed and expanded each year to give the patron something new and exciting to experience. The night time haunt, while artistically done is extremely scary and parental discretion is advised for younger or sensitive children. We are also open many days during daylight hours with no actors for the whole family to enjoy the haunt at their own pace. Check the schedule page for dates and times of the daylight walkthroughs.

Each event will be held rain, snow, sleet or any other Maritime weather condition so please dress appropriately

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Address & Contact

321 Sanatorium Road
Haunted House

Map & Directions

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