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Taktika Sport School is dedicated to helping athletes of all ages and levels reveal their true potential.

Who We Are

Taktika Sport School is a training facility designed to help its members ‘reveal their true potential’ in their respective sport(s). We use Olympic weightlifting techniques as the basis for building core strength, power/explosiveness, speed, and lean muscle mass. These Olympic lifts are also complimented by an array of sport-specific exercises designed to develop the flexibility, agility, coordination, and overall conditioning required to compete at the highest of levels.

Why Olympic weightlifting?

Without question Olympic weightlifting is the best way for an athlete to increase strength, power/explosiveness, and speed. This type of training assists in the development and coordination of motor neurons (i.e. nerves that connect the spinal cord to muscle cells) through high intensity, low repetition lifting. As such, a greater number of muscles cells can be engaged; each at just the right time. Furthermore, the low number of repetitions ensures that there is no unnecessary growth in muscle size. As a result, the ratio of the athlete’s force per unit of body mass increases; in turn leading to greater strength and speed (i.e. POWER).

The Olympic Lifts: Incredibly Dynamic & Very Technical

Olympic weightlifting is a dynamic, technical, and highly specialized form of athletic training that should only be taught by an experienced weightlifting coach. Our head instructor, John Charette, is a former Canadian weightlifting champion and National Team coach with over 23 years of teaching/training experience. At Taktika Sport School we limit membership to 12 Athletes (at any given time) ensuring the personal and focused attention necessary for a comprehensive and safe training experience.

Not Just Weightlifting

At Taktika Sport School we offer more to our clients than just specialized, high-performance training. Our gym is a fun, positive, and safe environment where members become better people. We also espouse academic accountability as the best practice for supporting individual athletic pursuits.

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Address & Contact

2703 Chippawa Rd.
Port Colborne
(289) 929-1168
Sports & Fitness Instruction

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