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Custom gifts for everyone in your life! :) Babies, children, and adults. Because they all deserve to be a prince or princess!

Custom gifts for the babies, children, pets and adults in your life who deserve to be a prince or princess.
Specializing in personalization for weddings, birthdays, special occasions and every day!
Some items include: tutus, head pieces for adults, children and pets, dresses, custom shirts, sock characters and accessories, special occasion outfits, keychains, lanyards, and other great every day items.
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I began this business after staying home with my daughter on maternity leave and getting creative. I started with my own children, then expanded to family and friends. I then decided to sell my creations to the public because everyone deserves to feel like prince or princess!

I strive for the best quality to my ability and I'm always honest in what my limitations are.

Liability: I always let my customers know what age the recommended product is intended for. These guidelines are in place so that choking hazzards are avoided and to avoid needless repairs. Almost all items have small pieces/parts and should not be given to children who are not in the company of a supervising adult. If you have a problem with a product, please contact me.

I offer a one time repair for any item bought that quickly fell apart due to improper manufacturing (loose threads, faulty clasps and buckles or pulling). I strive to keep my customers happy by always checking with them throughout the creating process to ensure the item is to their liking. This must be done within a reasonable time frame 1 week after receiving.

Payment is required upfront for all items, once payment is made, then order is added and put in order based on other clientele. From this point, most orders are finished within a week but some require up to two weeks. Payments are made through Credit Card, e transfer or Paypal and in cash for local customers. Those from out of town/city/country can pay Credit Card, etransfer or Paypal, and with a certified money order. But note that the order is not submitted until payments are cleared/received so make sure that you submit with knowledge of when it will be completed by. Those that require rush orders will be subject to the rates.

There are no returns for custom items because of the communication back and forth throughout the creation process. However, as stated above, is there is a manufacturing defect, then items will be fixed free of charge the first time only. And must be done within a week of receiving the item. If you are local and something happens to an item, please contact me and I will fix it free of charge! If you are unhappy with an item once you receive it, please note that I will do refunds on the amount of the item except shipping and the item must be returned at the buyer's expense before payment is refunded. This must be done within a week of receiving the item as well. If you just lose a button/clip/no slip grip etc...please contact me and I can ship the item needed for you to fix the item yourself instead of paying to have the item shipped back and forth.

Shipping is done on every Friday or other Friday and as soon as I have shipped I will provide those of you with large enough packages with a tracking number. Shipping is charged at a rate set by the post office and there is no handling fee. Shipping within Ontario is usually just a day or two, shipping in Canada is within 2-5 business days and shipping in the US is about 5-10 days, unless you prefer priority shipping, but then there would be additional costs. Please make sure that your payments are sent in with enough time to be received, item made and shipped on a Friday in due time before the item is required. Those with rush orders will be subject to additional costs. During holidays, please be advised that shipping may take longer and if an item is lost, I'm not responsible unless you paid extra for the tracking number.

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Soldsie Shop:
I will now be listing items for sale in my Soldsie Shop. These items will be during special events and posted on my wall. You can pre-register for the sales by visiting and entering your information. Then when sales are listed, all you have to do is comment SOLD on the item and an invoice will be sent! This is a great, convient and secure way to shop limited and unique items! Sometimes items will be multiple and you will need to include the size you require.

Thank you and Happy Shopping!
~Melissa <3

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