Stray Dog Brewing Company

Big things are a brewin'. Straying from the norm.

Small dogs with big dreams. The Stray Dog Brewing Company is more than just beer; we represent the spirit of adventure and the courage to pursue the passions that enrich our lives. Many people choose to give up on their dreams because of fear of failure, but yearn for something more. Metaphorically, a lot of us feel chained up in one form or another. These chains can be the result of external forces or self-imposed. The symbolism of a Stray Dog is the will to break free from these chains and venture out into the unknown. It represents freedom and defiance of a life of confinement and taking the risk to do something great even if it means leaving the security of the current life you’re living. The road ahead is unknown, but you’ll never know what possibilities lie ahead unless you venture out.

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501 Lacolle Way
Retail Company

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