Ruff House Boarding Kennel & Training Centre

Dogs! Dogs! Dogs! We've all gone to the dogs! We live, we laugh, we play with dogs! Agility, Rally-o, Obedience, Frisbee, Freestyle, Tricks, Dog Shows, but always fun with our dogs.

Whether day camp or boarding for longer periods, our guests get lots of exercise and individual care. They play ball and frisbee indoors or out depending on the weather. They are supervised at all times. They play in groups if they can or individually if they must, but they all get exercise.

For some of us, our dogs are much more than companions or working dogs. They are a part of our family. When we have to go away without them, we stress about how they are going to be looked after.

That's where we come in. We know what it is like to have active dogs. We train and live with multiple active sport dogs. We know that they require exercise of mind and body. Our job is to meet those needs. We will also work to help our canine guests overcome their issues so that they can become happier and live a more balanced life.

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PTH 7 91026
(204) 206-0098

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