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Anesthesia-Free Canine Teeth Cleaning

Proactive Pet Health Inc. offers an alternative choice in managing your pet’s oral health by having your pet’s teeth cleaned at more frequent intervals using anesthesia-free teeth cleaning. This procedure in no way replaces your regular care with your veterinarian, but rather compliments that care with prevention and maintenance of your pet’s oral hygiene. The certified technician first evaluates your pet’s temperament to see if the pet’s behavior will allow for a successful procedure. If your pet is overly fearful or anxious, or it is determined that the non-anesthetic treatment will not be a viable option, the technician will recommend you follow up with your vet for an alternative treatment approach. Typically, those pets with severe gingivitis, fractured teeth or root exposure are poor candidates for anesthesia-free teeth cleaning. In some instances, Proactive Pet Health will require you to have your vet’s referral in order to have the procedure done due to your pet’s underlying health conditions. Our technicians sit at eye level with your pet and use a variety of gentle holds to maintain safe control and allow for a complete visual exam. By approaching your pet calmly and patiently, and introducing each phase of the treatment slowly, the technicitan is able to build enough trust with your pet to complete the preventative cleaning of all tooth surfaces. We may use flower essences to aid your pet to relax. Scaling is accomplished using sterilized scalers to remove tartar and plaque, then the teeth will be wiped of debris, followed by brushing. Proactive Pet Health Inc. will provide your pet with a safe, warm environment necessary in order to provide the best oral health care possible for your loved one. We are excited to provide you with this high quality preventative means to help in the fight against dental disease.

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