Please the Paws Bakery

Healthy & tasty treats your dog is sure to love!! with no preservatives, no refined sugar & no other harmful ingredients!! There is something fur everyone!

Have you ever wondered what's in your dogs treats? With those really long words you can't even pronounce! Tired of paying CRAZY! high prices for all natural treats? I have/am and that's why I started making my dogs treats.

In my treats there is nothing that you wouldn't eat yourself, you might even be inclined to try the treats! They are all natural treats and there is something for every dog! even the ones that have food sensitivities!

If your interested in getting some treat for you dog let me know I can make what ever you would like to try.

Amount &Prices


15 for $5.00
25 for $10.00

Dried fruits and veggies

Small bag(20-30 pieces) is $6.00
Large bag(50-70 pieces) $12.00.

You can mix and match cookies and the same for the fruits and veggies.

I'm still in the process of getting some of the tools I need so the will be changes made to the quantity of treats and possibly(a small chance) of a small price change.

Mailing is and option with a large enough order or an extra cost for small orders.

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Address & Contact

147 saint john ave.

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