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"Lead a good life"
an advocate for all First Nations Band members who need a strong voice to echo what needs to be heard in a good way.

Mino-bimaadiziwin Consulting advocates from a community-based perspective for First Nation band members that need a strong voice to echo what needs to be heard in a good way. Mino-bimaadiziwin Consulting includes skills of mediation, consulting and advocacy for First Nations Band members whether that be its leadership, chief and council, or the First Nations community at large. Mino-bimaadiziwin Consulting is a mobile business for client convenience, and for the reason that the best conversations take place while travelling with someone.

Mino-bimaadiziwin in the Anishnabe language means, “Lead a good life.” An aspect of leading a good life is to know how to communicate effectively, many First Nations people have not been taught the skills to voice their concerns in a proactive manner. An effect of colonization has created within a majority of First Nations a fear authority figures especially if that individual, or organization is non-Aboriginal. The effects of colonization dominate our ways of life, which have led to high rates of substance abuse, violence, broken families, as well as dysfunctional leadership practices. Dysfunctional leadership practices run rampant creating strife amongst members of the community. Mino-bimaadiziwin Consulting aims to steer First Nations communities toward healing which will eventually lead to a good life.

Mino-bimaadiziwin Consulting also offers cultural workshops with a creative twist to assist, revitalize, reconnect and empower First Nations people. When people are in an informal setting they are apt to be more open and relaxed. Some of these workshops include bead work, sewing, and speaking the language (Anishnabe). For more information on workshops or consulting fees, please contact Ms. Elaine S Kwandibens. preferred method of contact is email, text message or video chat

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