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Mainline Chrysler King Of Trucks!

What if there was an automotive dealership that combined country prices with family values? Hard work with conviction and real "know how?" Well, there is. It's Mainline Chrysler.

The newest addition to the Mainline Automotive Group, Mainline Chrysler, is founded on the same values as the rest of the Mainline Family; offering customers the best volume pricing without compromising customer service.

We're proud to inherit this distinct lineage, but at Mainline Chrysler, we pride ourselves on trying something new, dare we say, something great. Even if it ruffles a few feathers.

We don't just want to meet a standard, we set it. Like the legendary vehicles we sell; founded on Guts and built for Glory.

It's time to stand apart.

Whether you're looking to upgrade your vehicle or switch brands, a whole new set of options await you at Mainline Chrysler. With offers you can't refuse it's easy to try something new and exciting. With the most impressive line up of vehicles around and a knowledgeable, friendly staff to walk you through your options; it only makes sense to believe in something different.

Come see us, you'll feel the difference. Drive our vehicles, you'll feel the difference. The distinctive quality of our product and services will deliver everyday. Now that's King!

Whatever your want, Mainline Chrysler is here; look no further.

You'll find it's just like coming home.

Join the Ram Family today.

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