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I joined Scentsy to help share my addiction to a beautiful smelling home.
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As most of my friends and family know, I LOVE CANDLES. I have them burning in my house from the moment I walk in at the end of the day to the time I go to bed. My family and friends also know I am a bit forgetful, so I was on the hunt to find a safer alternative. That is when I broke out my old Scentsy that my mom purchased me in the past, they have been a life saver, I love walking into my home after work and it smelling nice and fresh and not having to spend 5 minutes lighting my candles and waiting for them to freshen up the house.

The wax only gets a little warmer then body temperature, so it is safe to have around pets and children - no worrying about burns!!

Not only does Scentsy sell warmers and wax, we have house cleaners, laundry soaps and softeners, essential oils, lotion, soaps, and more!

I joined Scentsy simply because i love the product. It's a great community, everyone is friendly and willing to help! When i mentioned that i wanted to join Scentsy to my Sponsor and she was more than willing to help with any questions i had.

If you are thinking about becoming a Scentsy Consultant, i would be more than happy to help you! There are many benefits and perks you can ask me about!

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