Joy Harrington your Silver Icing Stylist

I represent Silver Icing because it's awesome. Casual Chic Clothing that won't break the bank ♥

So where did it all begin? In a wee little basement in the home of Christina Marcano. Christina started in the clothing business over ten years ago when she co-founded an active wear company called Skyler Clothing. Skyler grew quickly and by 2008 they had three stores over two-hundred wholesale accounts and regular appearances on the Shopping Channel and then…the recession hit. Like a ton of bricks. The company started to spiral out of control and as a last ditch effort Christina went to pitch her case on CBC’s the Dragons Den. The response was phenomenal. She received an outpouring of support but after a bit of soul searching she realized Skyler wasn’t her true dream. She closed Skyler down and headed back to her basement where she got to work building her true dream - Silver Icing. An amazing brand that offers comfy chic clothing that won’t break the bank. In 2013 Silver Icing launched and is now a thriving online shop with a network of independent stylists.

As a young mom, Christina knew how important a work life balance is. She was tired of driving 2 hours a day back and forth from work. She loved being able to make her kids lunch or take them to a park on a sunny afternoon. Being a stay at home working mom was exactly what her family needed and it is from this experience that she committed to building a company that other moms and women could be a part of. Her greater vision is to provide women with the option to balance life and work by having the opportunity to work from home during hours that don’t disrupt the family lifestyle. Becoming an Online Styilst does just that. It is the best of both worlds, everything is online so you can commit as much or as little as you like. You can work when the kids go to bed or nap during the day. Everything can be done online, including pop up shops, so there is no need to sacrifice evenings or weekends to host parties. And the best part is you are selling a fantastic product that women love and need all at great prices!

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