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Re-creating a piece and bringing it from HERE to THERE!! From "oh that's nice" to "WOW"!
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Founded out of a passion for pretty! I have always loved seeing something as it is and deciding how to make it better or more unique. I enjoy taking something plain and making it one-of-a-kind. I started doing this after going to my first vintage sale. I quickly learned that all this history in beautiful old vintage things gave me those "butterflies of excitement" in my stomach! The butterflies came from wanting to share the idea with others around me and tell them how I was going to make these things better than they ever have been! I listened to my "whisper" and kept on visiting vintage and antique shops...going to sale after sale and seeing how amazing people can do such creative things and get other people excited too! My "whisper" said "HEY, you can do this too" and away I went. I am shy about my things and have started slowly repurposing things for friends and family members (who are ALWAYS your BEST support system) and it is starting to grow into a "yes, you can do this for people you don't know and make them happy!"
I am still excited and get the 'butterflies' just before I start every piece!
Hope you come back often to visit and to share your thoughts! Thanks for taking time with me!

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