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Nature inspired Whimsical Creations, from Tinctures, Natural Products to Jewelry.

We create Lotions and Potions in small batches with Ethically Sourced, Organic and/ or Wild Crafted Ingredients.

Forest Spirit Creations is a Family oriented Healing Practice/ Business. The whole family takes an active part in making the Plant Medicines, from going out and Wildcrafting/ Foraging, to Creating the Medicines/ Products. From the Forest to the Kitchen to the Mind, Body and Spirit of All<3

I am also open to a "Gift Economy", which means I make you personally formulated Herbal remedies or you choose from stock items and I "Gift" it to you. You then gift me back what you feel is fare, be is money, and item or service in exchange for my gift.

We also create Magical items to adorn your body with items collected from the Forest, such as Necklaces made with REAL leafs, Medicine Bottle Necklaces, Mini Books Necklaces to Crystal and Bone items :)

For purchasing Herbal products , Jewelry and info on the "Gift Economy", please message me here or email me at

Light and Love,
Sheena Star
Gerrik Elwyn and

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