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Built on the foundations of creativity, teamwork, and growth - Bravo Dance Co. is the studio where dancers learn, excel, grow, and develop lifelong skills.

Bravo Dance Co. was founded in 2015 in Martensville, SK as a premier dance studio for children to learn, grow, and excel at dance while participating in an atmosphere that is supportive, pressure-free, and purposeful.

Dance should be a place where children are excited to go - where they get to learn, socialize, and feel like a part of a team. This is the goal at Bravo Dance Co.

Not only are dancers taught dance skills and technique, but also lifelong skills and qualities such as teamwork, self-confidence, self-awareness, and work ethic. Dancers are taught by a staff that has incredible experience in all genres of dance from ballet to tap to hip hop and even Ukrainian dance! The staff at Bravo Dance Co. is not only a group of people who have danced, performed, and taught their entire lives across Saskatchewan, but also includes professional members who are seasoned on the international stage! The staff at Bravo Dance Co. not only looks forward to seeing their students excel and learn in the dance world, but in all areas of their lives.

Everyone should not only get the chance to experience dance, but should also get to experience dance at the Bravo Dance Co.

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800 Centennial Drive North
Dance Studio

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