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Be Well Health Services is located in Maitland ON. We offer Aromatherapy, Clinical Counselling & Yoga Classes.

OUR SERVICES ARE COVERED BY MANY BENEFIT/INSURANCE PLANS! Located in Maitland, ON, Be Well Health Services is a multi-disciplinary approach to health & Wellness, focussed recovery and resiliency. We offer Aromatherapy Assessment & Treatment with a Certified Aromatologist who is a member of the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists, Clinical Social Work Services (including individual, couple & family counselling), as well as Yoga and Meditation classes (private and group formats available). We will work with you to improve and maintain your physical and emotional wellbeing. We also offer variety of wellness workshops and retreats. Stay tuned to see events posted on our page, or contact us if you would like us to facilitate a workshop/retreat for your group. You can be well and stay well, LET US SHOW YOU HOW! Please see our website for more info

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26 Cedar
Port Maitland
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