Beaver Tails Tobermory

Tobermory's BeaverTails is located beside the Blue Heron Ticket Booth. Delicious treats with a great view of Little Tub Harbour!

Enjoy a unique whole wheat pastry hand stretched to the shape of a Beaver’s Tail and float cooked in Canola Oil. Served piping hot, topped with your choice of delectable toppings. Or try BeaverBites - our signature pastry bits, topped with frozen yogurt and candy, they're the best of both worlds!

Pair these sweet treats with a frosty, delicious, and healthy Moozoo! Choose from our premium selection of fruits and add them to our organic orange smoothie base. Made with real fruit and no ice or sugar added!

Looking for something not so sweet? Beavertails now offers a Savoury menu selection which includes the BeaverDog. A Nathan's All Beef hotdog wrapped and cooked in Beavertails whole wheat pastry dough. Try our french fries with a selection of dipping sauces or enjoy the Canadian Classic - Poutine!

Tobermory's BeaverTails is located on the north side of Little Tub Harbour beside the Blue Heron Ticket Booth. We are open daily during the peak season and weekends only during the shoulder season. Please call ahead for hours of operation (519) 596-2999 ext. 420.

Tags: Fast Food Restaurant,Dessert Shop

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24 Carlton St
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