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We are from a small town in Ontario, Canada named Aspley and located in the beautiful region known as the Kawartha Lakes. This region is home to a increasing number of craft beer breweries, an industry that has become one of the largest growing for us here in Ontario. In Canada we have found that over the past few years, craft beer companies are gaining more and more market share over the larger brewing companies currently operating here.

We would now like to play our part in expanding this market. In order to accomplish this, we would like to secure the funding required to start up two new craft beer companies in Eastern Ontario. There are currently only two local companies competing within this industry, leaving the door wide open for new companies to get in. We have chosen two beloved Ontario locations to kick start this endeavour. The first one being in Apsley, Ontario because it is a cottage/year round living region which means high traffic and great exposure. The other location is in a farming county, named Kirby. This location intrigues us because we have a vision of creating a symbiotic relationship with the local farmers of the region. By utilizing the local produce here, we hope to encourage and stimulate new opportunities for profit within the local community. This plan also helps create new employment in locations that normally have very little or stagnant increases to employment figures. In addition to a continued focus on helping the local communities in which we'll reside, we also want to extend help to many of the non profit organizations world wide that we feel are making positive and progressive changes for the betterment of people and society as a whole.

The two companies will be called:

The Apsley Brewing Company
Kirby Brewing Company

Joseph Normand Plourde

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