Apple Luscious Organic Orchard

Certified organic apple orchard (IOPA # 902) growing about 200 of the BEST TASTING apple varieties in a permaculture style. We specializing in heritage, connoisseur and red-fleshed varieties. We also run a small apple tree nursery.

Apple Luscious Organic Orchard is Apple Heaven. With over 200 of the best tasting apple varieties in the world, all grown using old-fashion organic methods, this certified orchard (IOPA # 902) is a delight to visit. If it is a Great Apple, we grow it. Russets, red-fleshed, heritage, connoisseur and columnar varieties, many unfamiliar to you, some very rare, yet they will ALL dazzle your taste buds. We grow in a Permaculture style, using only manure, seaweed, oyster shell, fish waste and mulch hay. We use no sprays and no man-made chemicals of any sort. We also do not irrigate. We preserve water by using a living mulch. Our apples are tree ripened and dew-sweetened. As a result, our apples are tasty and nutritious, while our footprint on this land is very light.
Chickens roam the entire orchard. Minimal mowing results in a wild orchard where a diversity of vegetation is encouraged to grow along side, but not touching apple trees. Blackberries everywhere are a reward for all to taste. The orchard is a very peaceful and healthy place for all inhabitants, especially humans. Our reward is TASTY APPLES, picked right from the tree.
When you taste our apples, if you don't say,
at least once before you leave our orchard, then we have not been successful.
We sell mostly at Moss Street Market in Victoria, but also at our farm gate and can deliver to Salt Spring Island, Victoria, Duncan or Vancouver.
Our Apple Tree Nursery grows about 900 trees (grafted in March) and will have apple trees for sale the following March.
Make sure you attend the Salt Spring Island Apple Festival (A Celebration of Diversity) on Sunday, Oct 1, 2017.

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110 Heidi Place
Salt Spring Island
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