Affordable Housing in Lacombe

I truly believe you may be in a very special trusted position to Help your clients increase their Net worth & lifestyle.

I was a financial Planner for 20 years until I got into the Real - Estate Business.

At this time I am working in Lacombe on a campaign to help families in Lacombe get into affordable housing that may be renting & struggling to get into home Ownership.

We are very excited for the fortunate & deserving families that are receiving Down Payment Assistance for their first Home from the Lacombe Foundation (Only 9 Left).

I look forward to helping you with the application process (see attached for these new Home owners to receive the Down Payment Gift to buy a beautiful new Lacombe Townhome.

Thank you for your helpfulness in passing this good news on to your fellow Advisors, Clients & Prospects that are dreaming to get into get into Home ownership & stop renting. Some of your clients & their children may still be renting in some cases paying more than the cost of owning.

As owning in many cases is less expensive than renting.

This is a wonderful affordable Housing Project for first time Home buyers that Live & / or work in Lacombe.

We have had Buyers approved from the following Banks on this Down Payment Assistance Programs (DPAP)

1) Royal Bank
2) ATB
4) Servus Credit Union

Our Servus Credit Union Mortgage specialist has been extremely helpful for us for our buyers as well.

She is a Mobile Mortgage Broker & has been able to put financing together unlike any other Mortgage facility. (She has some very creative & innovative credit strategies & lender friendly local credit Union
options that are JUST NOT available through the Big Banks)

Here's Nikki's Contact Info:

Nikki Reimer
cel: 780-293-2194

This Program is being very well received by the Lacombe residents so far.
5 families have so far been approved & gifted a 5% downpayment to buy their for first home.
There are 9 left.

Ask for our appliation & see if you can qualify for the Down Payment Assistance Program.

This is truly A LOTTERY LIKE opportunity available on a first Come first Serve. (Only 9 Left)

The Down Payment Assistance Program is a Government Grant of $12,800

Here's the website for the Down Payment Assistance Program. This is a Townhome complex by the Lacombe University called
The Townhomes are very well designed and affordable
@ $ 256,000 (15k - 25k below the appraised value)

Some of our buyers are opting to complete their Basements & make it a Mortgage Helper.

By renting out a Studio in the Basement even without the Free down-payments the home becomes very affordable as a 4 bedroom & 4 Bathroom property at 304 - 309 K

1200 -1300 / mon Mortgage payment.

Considering this: these properties could also be excellent investments & retirement income vehicles for some of your friends & family and even yourself & close clients.


Go Here to see the Floor Plans Henners Village & Videos of the 4 Plex

*** The Zero Down switched over to Henners Village is not available on the 4 Plex as of Jan/17 **


Here also is a great affordable Housing option for young families too.

This 4 plex is @ 4718 - 49 Ave Lacombe (Sale price at $ 255,000 & 285,000 fully finished basement)

There are two Townhomes left in this 4 plex that Can be Available as RENT TO BUY properties.

I have attached a Floor Plan & Cost of Purchase of one of the 4-plex Units.;ov88XgfBHIZOUPpQQNEw~-~-.bps.a.257988661289818.1073741829.257960201292664/257988671289817/?type=3&theater


We are presently the Largest Builder in Lacombe.

We specialize in affordable new housing & Custom Homes
in three (3) Towns

1) Lacombe

2) Blackfalds

3) Clive

We have 5 Move in Ready homes available now.

1) Show Home in Blackfalds

2) Two TownHomes in Lacombe @ 4718 - 49 Ave

3) & 4) Two very nice homes in Clive

Here's two affordable housing ownership opportunities available now in


If it's yard space families are looking for here's a great option - ten minutes east of Lacombe

Here's the Video Tour on them :

2 up & 2 down with a Garage

Exact Same Home but

Basement not finished & No garage just 2 blocks away.

Again thank you so much for passing this on to those families that would be benefited by the

Down Payment Assistance Program

Neil Irwin
Sale & Marketing
Broder Homes



Check out our Show Home in Blackfalds on this Link:
This is Awesome pictorial tour:

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