Hillcrest Farm Market B&B, 12507658000, Bed and Breakfast, Kelowna

Our family has been living on this cherry farm for over 100 years. We feel very strongly about creating a 'home away from home' during your stay with us.

Our B&B rooms are spacious, clean and modern. Each of our four rooms with private washrooms (including shower and tub) are a different fruit theme. Each room is equipped with a King Size bed, TV, mini fridge, seating area and private patio with a panoramic view of Kelowna.

We also have a communal gym space with basic equipment and a TV.

In addition to our B&B, we have an active cherry farm. We welcome you to take a stroll through our beautiful 100 acre property. Please ask us before doing so to ensure your safety around various farm equipment. At the same time, feel free to ask us about taking a tour of our cherry packing plant during harvest season (June-August).

Just below the B&B, you will find our market full of seasonal fruits and vegetables. We also sell fresh juices made with our very own apples and cherries, and a variety of jarred goods.

On the other side of our market we have a farm cafe, run by our mom Barb. We offer cafe staples (coffee, teas, pastries and Indian and Western meals favored by locals.

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700 Highway 33 East
Bed and Breakfast

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