Featherstone Family Farm

We are a small family farm in Grey Country, inspired by the old-world farming of England. We raise pastured, old English heritage Shorthorn cattle.

We are a small family farm in Grey Country, embracing our English heritage and inspired by the old-world farming of England. Wildflower meadows, deer migratory forest and ancient hedgerows are home to our small Old English Shorthorns.

Shorthorns are a heritage breed of cattle originating from England in the 18th century. Known for their docile nature, 'roan' colouring and affinity for grass, we raise them strictly on pasture and hay, without hormones or drugs of any kind.

Our grass meadows have not seen a plough in decades, and have established their own unique ecosystem, rich with diverse grass species and wildflowers. Our cows love it, and the bees and butterflies do, too! We do as little as possible to our land; maintaining a "low input, low impact" style of farming.

Additionally, you will find a hardy and healthy garden of over 300 rhubarb plants, various vegetables, herbs and flowers that we grow for fresh, seasonal produce as well as whatever creative endeavours we fancy in the kitchen.

Join us in our legacy of old-world farming, real food and healthy relationships with nature and animals.

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